Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's So Fluffy!- Despicable Me Unicorn Crochet

As a huge fan of Despicable Me, I practically started crying when I saw that some one could make a fabulous unicorn that looks just like the real one.

This was my second crochet project and I think that I am doing well as a beginner. I first started crocheting on the 27th of March. 

So I was having issues with reading the patterns at first. To be honest, I thought that patterns were somewhat cryptic and impossible to read.

(I am taking no credit for the pattern of this fabulous unicorn) So, I found the pattern on this link:

That is my very first crochet project. The little ice cream cone is based off of the app, Scoops. I just made three separate scoops and sewed them together. (I didn't make the ice cream pattern either) You can find the link to making the ice cream here:

And a big thank you to the creators and thank you for being willing enough to make these lovely patterns! I will be looking forward to making more crafts with crochet!

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